Wednesday 3 April 2013

Final tips and good luck!

All you 2013 runners are about to set off. There is nothing more you can you other than try to relax. And stop packing your bag again! You've got all you need. Plus you will do it all again in day zero at camp trust me.

Enjoy camp life. I was really worried about the whole living via very basic means but I loved it. The site of those black bivouacs in the distance is pure joy after a day in the sand.

You may make friends for life. You'll certainly make friends for the week. MDSers are one of a kind. And don't forget to thank all those volunteers that make MDS happen every year. They really made the difference for me out there. Always smiling. Even better when holding out a cup of mint tea for you.

Manage yourself. Go steady on at least the first day to gauge how your body will react to the conditions. Aim to get to the start of the long day in good shape - feet, body and mind - and you will smash it!

Embrace the pain of the Sahara. She's well worth it. Bon voyage.
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