Tuesday 27 September 2011

Missing the motivation...

Okay so second week is done. That means I'm one week closer to April. It's going to come round before I know it! Having some troubles finding the "want" to run. Probably has something to do with the fact that.. a) I'm running to work - not the most of inspiring of goals sometimes and b) I'm running through Holloway. Now as much as I think Her Majesty's Prison does a good job keeping all those naughty people locked away, it wouldn't be the first choice of places to run past. Anyway needs must. I may start running home as at least the drunk people on Holloway Road give a few minutes entertainment. I bailed on Monday and Tuesday which meant had to make up the miles on Sunday. Did 10 miles along the capital ring from Highgate through East Finchley. Was a good run. First few miles always tough, but running through Queens Woods always lifts my heart. Just feel healthier smelling the damp woody air. Slightly preferable to bus farts on a Monday morning.

Tuesday 20 September 2011

First week of the training plan. Done.

I've successfully navigated through the arduous first week. Run in or out of work every day (4.5 miles) meaning a total of 20 measly miles. I'm pretty pleased with this though seeing as I've being doing sod all recently, though other blogs do concern me a little. Take this guy two years worth of training, or this one - another two years. Um... will six months be enough?? Let's hope so. Started off this week really well. Thought about running in to work. But didn't. Thought about running home from work. But didn't. So it's 9 miles today. Here is the route I'm going to take. (I can't seem to work out how to embed maps like this onto blogs - if anyone has any bright ideas let me know!)

Monday 12 September 2011

First run of the training plan. Done.

4 1/2 miles jog home from work. Yeh it counts! Chancery Lane to Crouch End. Not the most pleasant of journeys - the wonders of Holloway Road - but still beats the bus. Felt good. Caught the last few rays of summer sun before they disappear forever. Am trying to slow my pace down to MDS shuffle pace to get used to it. Truffle shuffle!

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