Friday 20 April 2012

My nutrition for the week: the joys of freeze-dried fish

Below is exactly what I took for the race. You have to carry a minimum of 2000 calories a day. The organisers do carry out random checks. More so for the elites, but I did hear of normal people getting asked to see the contents of their bag, so it it wise to make sure you have enough.

People react differently to the conditions. I was absolutely ravenous till day 5 then just couldn't stomach anything much. I reckon if you are running more than walking, you may find it difficult to eat. If you were more of a plodder like me, you may well be hungry!

From the below I ditched a lot of this on day 3 (pre long day). The nuts were not really doing it for me, particularly the almonds. No idea why. I also hated Geo bars by day 2 (though had to persevere with them). If you are taking cereal bars, I recommend taking a variety! I also ditched some of the malt loaf and dates as they were heavy.

Winners for me were the veggie pepperami, crisps and recovery shakes. The flapjacks and soup were also really nice. Some other good choices include ginger cake and shortbread.

I did also take some tea, salt, sugar, chilli and herbs but ditched these as well in the end as I kept forgetting about them!

I took a few energy gels with me but didn't use them. Again, people do vary. I didn't train with them so did not want them. I think I would have been sick if I tried. So I would go with your gut (no pun intended!). Take what you enjoy eating.

I did not mind the freeze-dried food up until day 5 where I just couldn't eat it. Some people hated it, but I thought it wasn't bad for what it was, even freeze-dried fish. If you are hungry you eat anything! The other options include things like supernoodles and couscous. You just need to make sure you take enough calories.

Day 4 is a bit of an odd one as you are running all day (and all night). I just survived on a few snacks in the day, then a malt loaf early doors on day 5 - which I think saved my bacon as I was feeling pretty rough by this point. We had thought we could stop and eat a meal, but the winds got up so there was no chance, and we couldn't be bothered either.

Day 1
Breakfast Malt loaf and apricots 438
Race Almonds 2XGeo Electrolyte 866
Tea Veggie pasta 800
Snacks Recovery shake Hot choc Malt loaf Pepperami 342 2446

Day 2
Breakfast Muesli 800
Race Mango 2xGeo Electrolyte 691
Tea Vegetable tikka 800
Snacks Recovery shake Soup Crisps Flapjack 653 2944

Day 3
Breakfast Hot cereal with mango 800
Race Peanuts 2XGeo Electrolyte 825
Tea Fish and potatos 800
Snacks Recovery shake Hot choc Malt loaf Pepperami 342 2767

Day 4
Breakfast Muesli 800
Race Cashews 4xGeo Electrolyte 1157
Tea Veggie pasta 800
Snacks Recovery shake 2x Pepperami Crisps Flapjack 693 3447

Day 5
Breakfast Hot cereal with mango 800
Race NA
Tea Vegetable tikka 800
Snacks Soup Malt loaf Pepperami 582 2182

Day 6
Breakfast Porridge 800
Race 2xGeo Electrolyte 274
Tea Fish and potatos 800
Snacks Crisps Flapjack Protein bar 652 2526

Day 7
Breakfast Hot cereal with mango 800
Race 1xGeo 137
Tea NA
Snacks Recovery shake 937

Dates 295
Banana chips 525



  1. Im doing the race next year and Im considering skipping freeze dried food altogether and just go for cold food. Do you consider it a bad idea or do you think it would work for you?

    I really wan't to get my kit to the minimum so I can run as much as possible.

  2. Hi Tomas
    If yo uwant to get your kit to a minimum, freeze dried is still the way to go, just don't take a stove, and eat it with cold water. Jen Salter, the UK elite lady does this. The Moroccans eat stuff like couscous and dates only.
    How's the training going?

  3. Precisely what ended up the particular ideas, tips or perhaps procedures within rehearsing freezing foods? I know every one of the replies right here in the following post. Thank you very much Kate Lee.

  4. You did an excellent work Kate lee. Really loved to your writing style. Best of luck.


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