Tuesday 3 July 2012

What next? One smaller step..but still a giant leap

It's been over two months since I conquered (albeit slowly) the epic Marathon des Sables. So what have I been doing since then? And what now?

The first few weeks post MDS were spent recovering. Mainly for my poor ankle and shin which had ballooned to the size of a sumo wrestler's leg. But also because I'm a bit lazy and do have periods when I can't be bothered to run, or do anything in fact, other than sit on the sofa and drink tea and watch reruns of TOWIE.

Watching Arg and co run the London marathon I pondered whether I should go for a marathon again? Could I get a PB? Or perhaps I should go for a longer ultra? 100 miles perhaps?

No. I decided to run a half marathon.

As much as I love running I want to enjoy my life a little for now, and not be constantly training all the time. I will do a marathon again, or longer, but a half gives me the chance to get my speed back up, and to enjoy running fairly long distances but without the constant demands and toil that marathon and ultra training can have.

It also means I can spend more time watching TOWIE reruns.

I've signed up to Ealing half and it's all about the speed now! The aim of the game is to beat my PB. I may not do it but I'm going to give it my all. Pretty excited about it, and having a new goal to work towards.

I've never actually trained for a half marathon. I've always run them off the back of longer distances, so it will be an interesting journey to see how I get on with incorporating speedwork into sessions (I hate running fast).

Over the next few weeks there will some changes to Just a Jog blog. I hope the MDS section will still be useful (and funny) for future competitors but Just a Jog will have a new focus that will look at good old "normal" running - warts and all from a "normal" runner (that would be me) trying to get that little bit faster without being sick.

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