Wednesday 12 December 2012

Marathon des Sables countdown: the hard training months

The end is just over that next dune...or perhaps it's the next really, it must be the next one

While I kick back in my armchair laden with pipe and slippers, all you Marathon des Sablers out there will be shuffling away mile and mile, hill after hill, into the depths of the heavy training period.

You lucky people.

I still get asked various questions about MDS so over the next few weeks I'm going to write a few handy hints posts to help you through those heavy miles. I'm no expert so I don't have all the answers but I hopefully will help ease any worries you may have, having shuffled round in 2012.

My posts will be as follows:
Week 1: Mileage - how much, how far, how fast?
Week 2: Strength work
Week 3: Hill training
Week 4: Heat and sand - how to prepare
Week 5: Key equipment
Week 6: Getting used to your MDS kit
Week 7: Core work
Week 8: Speed work
Week 9: Hydration
Week 10: Nutrition
Week 11: Footcare
Week 12: Mental preparation
Week 13: What to expect the week before
Week 14: Camp life
Week 15: Recovery and good luck!

I'd love to hear your experiences so far of training and what you hope to get out of the race.

Remember, you have probably done far more than what you think you have already. If you are sensible and believe in yourself you will finish the race.

The 16 week countdown begins. Good luck!


  1. Looking forward to a interesting read, already starting to get a little nervous at the thought of April fast approaching. Looked at my Garmin log today and got a little over 2400 miles of running this year under the belt (split approx 1000 on the Lakeland & Lancashire fells and 1400 miles road due to the awful weather this year). All kit is now in and worrying if it is right, it is now interesting times, one final big push of training. Hope its enough.

    1. Hi Phil
      I'm sure you will smash it! Sounds like you are getting all the miles in anyway. Good luck - let me know your number when you find out.


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