Wednesday 5 October 2011

Late summer sun running

Weeks are now flying by. Kinda scary. I've now successfully managed a full week running in without finding some genius excuse to miss training. On top of that I've also managed my first back-to-back run.

So I've run into work then added 10 miles Saturday and 10 miles Sunday then carried on running into work. Legs still feel pretty good though I'm not going to win any prizes for speed. The MDS shuffle takes some practice but I'm getting there.

Here's not quite MDS shuffle, but you kind of get the picture - training is not particularly serious at present.

Back to back runs are also a nice way to see the best bits of London. This weekend has been particularly gorgeous. Here's Hampstead showing off some of its loveliness...

Regent's Canal is also pretty special. Here's the route taken on Sunday which included the canal from Camden leading west to Little Venice and back again. Don't think much can beat hot(!) autumn day running along the towpath, through the eclectic food stalls in Camden, past the animals of London Zoo and by gorgeous old homes framed in old willow trees, and with their own rowing boats waiting patiently to be used. I particularly like the smells and sounds - crunchy autumn leaves underfoot, barbeques smoking lazily, lots of laughter and that summery air smell!

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