Wednesday 25 January 2012

10 mile hilly running route in north London

An alternative view of King's Cross
The other side of King's Cross - yes really! Camley Street Nature Reserve with St Pancras in the background

I'm adding more tempo sessions and vary my training for marathon des sables a little, so this includes some "shorter" runs of between 6-15 miles at fairly fast (for marathon des sables) yet comfortable pace that I can maintain.

I've run this route fairly often to get to work. It usually makes me start the day with a big smile as it's a really lovely run through some of the best parts of London.

It starts in Crouch End, takes the Parkland Walk up to Highgate Village, down to Hampstead Heath, back up to Parliament Hill, onto some roads from Hampstead to Chalk Farm before heading back into Primrose Hill and Regent's Park for one lap, onto the Regent's Canal heading east towards King's Cross and onto work (boo).

It's a really good route to get in some offroad practice and spice up the hill sessions a little. There is the long incline up to Highgate, Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath and the gawd-awful-yet-rewarding Primrose Hill.

Not only that but it's very scenic - Parkland Walk, Hampstead Heath, Regent's Park and Regent's Canal. Extra miles could also be added on by looping around Finsbury Park or Highgate Woods first, or by running onto the three big central London parks instead of heading down the canal.

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