Monday 30 January 2012

Gaiter conversation

So I've just attempted to get my gaiter velcro stitched onto my trainers and the conversation went like this:-

Me: Ok I have a wierd request for you. I need to get this velcro *holds velcro* stitched onto this trainer *holds trainer*. Is this something you could do?

Lady in shoe repair shop: *takes shoe and Velcro from me and looks confused* You want to do what?

Me: I need to sew the velcro onto the outside of the trainer.

Lady: Why?

Me: Well I'm running across a lot of sand so have to wear these *pulls out gaiters* and they need to be secured to the shoe.

Lady: Running in sand? Why are you doing that? *picks gaiters from me and looks at them in suspicion*.

Me: Ummm's a race in the Sahara and you have to try and protect your feet.

Lady: *Looks baffled* No no I can't do that for you. No one has asked me this question before. In the Sahara? A run? Are you sure? Why are you doing this? It's hot there you know.

Me:'s fun? Or something? Ok *takes back stuff from suspicious baffled lady*. No problem. I'll try somewhere else.....

Any advice for stitching the gaiters effectively let me know...

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  1. Ran it last year... find a good cobbler who does boots. FYI.. it pulls your shoes in a bit. Better make sure they are a bout a width wider. Hell to pay when I didnt. Feet were hamburger by mid week and last 10K of the 50 mile day took me 3 hours.
    If you have any questions you can msg me back at a13pt1runner at gmail dot com
    Good luck.. its the experience of a lifetime!!


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